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Saving Your Summer Bulbs

A few ground rules will help your bulbs survive harsh winter weather: dig them up; store them over the winter; and replant them next spring. Consider the money you’ll save. Here’s how.  More

Save the Seed!

If you didn’t use up all of the garden seed you bought this year, why not store them for next year? Seeds of some plants are not very long lived, lasting only one or two years at best. Yet other seeds can remain viable (capable of germinating) for three to five years. Horticulturist B. Rosie Lerner explains which seeds to store, how, and for how long.  More

Them Apples

With 2,500 varieties of apples growing in the United States, what kind keeps the doctor away? But more importantly, what kind makes the best-tasting apple pie?  More

No Leaf Left Behind: 7 Yard-Prepping Tips for the Season

As the growing season comes to a close, there are still a few more chores that call the gardener to action. Mowing, watering, pruning, and cleaning continue to beckon. But it’s important to prepare your yard for the upcoming season. Here are seven ways to make sure your yard doesn’t “fall” apart.  More

Picking the Pumpkin

Johnny wants a jack-o’-lantern; Mama wants a pie. Here’s how to pick and preserve the perfect pumpkins for your fall festivities.  More

Fall Family Gardens

Fall has arrived, and the kids are back in school. What better time to provide your children or grandchildren with a lesson in edible fall gardens. The whole family will enjoy planting (and eventually eating) fresh vegetables from your own backyard.  More

Following the Sun

At this time of year, sunflowers are at their most glorious, crowning gardens with colors ranging from pale yellow to red, bronze, burgundy, chestnut, mahogany, and white. Sunflower growers now have some 2,000 varieties to choose from, from the tallest to the newer dwarf varieties such as Sunspot and Teddy Bear that grow approximately 12 to 18 inches.  More
Victory Garden

Victory Garden

They planted a small backyard garden; Bought peat moss, fertilizer, and lime, Many young plants and seeds, And tools to dig weeds, And gave it long hours of their time. While they battled the weeds and the insects, Their pride and distress were both valid. Still their victory was sweet When they sat down to […]  More

Everlasting Flowers

Flowers are out in force in late summer and fall, and this is the perfect time to preserve some of that color and beauty to brighten your home in winter.  More
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