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July in the Garden: Keep the Fireworks Going

By now flower gardens are producing a profusion of gorgeous blooms: White, red, and purple bee balm are exploding overhead with echinacea, phlox, and agapanthus along with zinnias, delphiniums, daylilies, Shasta daisies, and verbenas adding to the festive array. How do you make the most of this abundance of scents and colors and keep the fireworks going for as long as possible? ... More

Notes from the Field

Host a Corn Roast! Spark a little magic among neighbors with an old-fashioned corn roast. Whether planning a barefoot affair or something more stylish, here are tips for the host: Buy Fresh. If purchasing from a farmers’ market, ask if the corn has been picked that day. Otherwise, peel part of the husk back and […] ... More

Rose Care in Summer

To enjoy their beauty and scent for the longest time possible, roses require special care. But you can’t just rely on the sun and the rain. ... More

Edible Flowers

Flowers can be tossed in salads, sauteed with vegetables, fried in fritters, combined with soft butter or cream cheese as a spread, and even frozen in ice cubes to add interest to cold drinks. But, before you bite into a big flower sandwich, a word of caution … ... More

Gardening in June

June is the month that brings bugs out in full force and sets off the annual gardener’s battle waged against insects, disease, and wildlife. Here are some strategies for helping you win the war. ... More

A Retirement Acreage That Makes Sense

Each breath of lavender fills the atmosphere. The inventory of sachet’s, soaps, linen sprays, lotions, teas, wreaths, and colognes brings a refreshing brace of aroma therapy. The proprietors, ‘Kie’ and ‘Libbe’ O’Connor, are former city folk who started this fragrant farmstead nine years ago as a retirement business. ... More

Strawberry Harvest

“Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did,” William Allen Butler said of strawberries. As these luscious fruits of late spring now ripen in gardens in much of the country, here are some tips for getting a bountiful harvest. ... More

Fertilizing Your Garden

What you feed your plants can make a mighty difference when you come to harvest your vegetables and flowers. And spring is the time to make sure they get enough of the 13 essential mineral elements required for normal growth. Fortunately, most soils contain the micronutrients that vegetable and flowering plants require in small amounts […] ... More
Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

Early spring is the time to plant ornamental grasses as well as to prune back last year’s growth of established clumps so that new shoots can grow unhindered. Ornamental grasses have emerged as one of the gardeners’ greatest gifts. They are available in a multitude of colorful varieties and require very little care. Most are […] ... More

New Potatoes by June

One of the joys of country living is the harvesting and eating of delectable new potatoes in spring. The tender, succulent tubers only 1¼-inch in diameter, gently boiled and served steaming with a touch of salt, pepper, butter, and fresh dill is one of the rare delicacies that everyone can enjoy. ... More
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