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New Techniques for Removing Old Cardiac Leads

Today’s electronic devices for the heart are like “having an emergency room in your chest,” says cardiology consultant Dr. Douglas P. Zipes. Devices such as pacemakers and ICDs deliver electricity via thin wires called leads, which can wear out over time.  More

The Unforgettable Natalie Cole

Twenty-five years ago she overcame a drug addiction that put her career on hold and her life in jeopardy. Now she’s back on top, relying on her faith as she battles new threats to her health.  More
Hallucinations and Heart Surgery

Hallucinations and Heart Surgery

I had coronary bypass surgery late last year and recently have been having visual hallucinations. Can coronary surgery cause this problem? I have not yet consulted my cardiologist about it and would appreciate your opinion. Changes in mentation (mental activity) can occur in a minority of patients after coronary artery bypass surgery. The reason(s) for […]  More

Brushing Up on Oral Hygiene

Experts concur that good dental hygiene is an important tool in managing diabetes. It’s been called a two-way street, a bidirectional arrow, a loop and a vicious circle. “It” is the complicated connection between two seemingly unrelated conditions: diabetes and periodontal disease. The reason researchers are beginning to understand it as a not-so-merry-go-round is because […]  More
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