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Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In the second part of our series on the difference between heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest, leading heart rhythm specialist Dr. Richard Page from the University of Wisconsin discusses the heart problem that claims one life every two minutes—and it’s not a heart attack.  More
Heart Attack Risk

Heart Attack Risk

Q: I have angina, and some of my arteries are blocked. What are my chances of having a heart attack, and can a prescription drug like Imdur control chest pain? A: Severe blockages in coronary arteries can certainly cause a heart attack. Often, such blockages can be propped open with stents, which can relieve the […]  More

Healthier by the Dozen

Some of your favorite foods can help you stay young and healthy. Ellie Krieger, registered dietician and host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, shares two full-flavored, rejuvenating recipes.  More