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X-ray scan of a hip; a replacement joint is highlighted.

A New Hip

There are 330,000 hip replacement surgeries in the U.S. each year, and the majority of people who undergo this operation sing its praises after a few months. But it’s not something you jump into.  More

Dr. Bob Arnot: Back in Action

A familiar face to millions of Americans, Dr. Bob Arnot is an award-winning medical correspondent, sports enthusiast, best-selling author, and physician. Throughout his busy career, Dr. Arnot remained a passionate athlete, competing in marathons, bike races, ski competitions, and big wave surfing. Eventually, the wear and tear took its toll. At age 60, the medical […]  More

Joint Decisions: Hip Resurfacing

As cartilage wears thin over the years the ache of an arthritic joint can blossom into debilitating agony. A new hip surgery presents a promising alternative to total hip replacement.  More