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What Will They Think of Next

There’s nothing new under the sun. That may have been true centuries ago when the phrase was attributed to an unnamed philosopher, identified only as “the Preacher,” in the Book of Ecclesiastes; but since then, WOW! Innovations have been coming at us at the speed of light. Every time I think things have gone as […]  More

Setting the Stage

How to put on a show for potential homebuyers — without breaking the bank. HGTV’s Lisa LaPorta shares a few tips on home staging.  More

Going Green with Sara Snow

The genial and popular young television host, author, and columnist is on a mission to spread the gospel of “green living.” In her 90-year-old, colonial-style Indianapolis home, Sara Snow easily rattles off how she religiously follows the tenets of green living. Dressed in pants made of wood pulp and an organic cotton shirt, this up-and-coming […]  More
Brave New World of Vegetables for 2009

Brave New World of Vegetables for 2009

Don’t be a stick-in-the-mulch with your garden growing habits, planting the same vegetables year after year. This spring, plan on planting at least one new vegetable that you haven’t grown before. New dwarf varieties offer intense flavor and compact sizes that can fit easily into your garden space or even be grown in containers. Here […]  More