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Drinking Water

Look Younger Now!

The “youth movement” isn’t just a Hollywood phenomenon. It seems everywhere you turn someone is getting a facelift, an eyelift, or Botox injections. Post offers suggestions for naturally freshening up one’s face.  More
Cream for Sunburn

Stop the Burn

Slip, slap, and slop on the sunscreen. But when sunburns happen despite our best intentions, follow these pharmacist-recommended strategies to save your skin.  More
Coughing Home Remedies

Coughing Home Remedies

Dear Dr. SerVaas, My problem is that I cannot get the mucus up so that I can expel it. Several cough syrups, drops, expectorants, and mucus-relief tablets have not helped me. This problem lasts several hours and sometimes all day. Could it be connected to my sinus drainage that I have had all my life? […]  More