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The Facebook Generation

No longer relegated to hip college students trying to find dates, the Facebook community now includes everyone from 20-something celebrities to grandmothers and sewing circles. Is it for you? ... More
American Ingenuity

American Ingenuity

Your September/October issue was truly delightful. I read every word (except the article on fishing!) during the first two days after I received it. The article “American Ingenuity” is especially delightful. The picture of Henry Ford whispering in the ear of Thomas Edison is truly a classic. I just sit and look at that picture with a smile […] ... More

What Will They Think of Next

There’s nothing new under the sun. That may have been true centuries ago when the phrase was attributed to an unnamed philosopher, identified only as “the Preacher,” in the Book of Ecclesiastes; but since then, WOW! Innovations have been coming at us at the speed of light. Every time I think things have gone as […] ... More

Classic Covers: Children of Invention

Our cover artists, quite inventive in their own right, have been chronicling America’s quirky new devices for decades. It’s kids, however, who take to the “new” at lightning speed. And kids are inventive, too. But kids in inventor mode, our artists suggest, can sometimes be unsettling. ... More
A Nation of Innovation

A Nation of Innovation

Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, GPS, digital sound — the endless stream of technological, social, and artistic advances is a modern by-product of one of our country’s greatest assets — American ingenuity. For two centuries, America has reigned as the most innovative nation on the planet — a force nourished by limitless curiosity, an openness to new ideas, and a system that allows […] ... More

Profiles in Creativity

The innovators we profile here hail from a wide variety of fields, but they have a few key attributes in common: a burning curiosity about the world; an unusual willingness to implement new concepts and ideas; and an unrelenting work ethic that enables them to turn mistakes into successes. ... More

Innovation’s Cool

“When I was a young man, as young men will do, I loved innovation. Obsessed by the new, I would welcome each new thing as it came along.” Poetry by Charles Osgood. ... More

Offbeat Inventions

Every so often, mankind comes up with a really good invention. The wheel, the light bulb, and the Internet are all examples of innovations that have changed our daily lives. However, the U.S. Patent Office has issued over 7.5 million patents, and not all of them are quite so celebrated. Some good, some bad, and some downright wacky! The Post lists some of the more unusual ideas that have come along. ... More