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Classic Covers: Lighthouses

Why are we so fascinated by lighthouses? Is it because they are so picturesque? Or because, if they could talk, what exciting and harrowing tales of the sea they could tell? Whatever the reason, two Post cover artists loved them as much as the rest of us. ... More

Classic Covers: By the Light …

… of the silvery moon? of a sparkling Christmas tree? of a glowing Jack-o’-lantern? The “star” in some paintings is not just the subject of the piece, but the lighting—a face lit by lamplight, a city bathed in sunshine, or the reflections of a snowfall. Our cover artists show intriguing use of light in all seasons—outdoors and some interesting, or even creepy, indoor lighting. ... More

Classic Covers: Autumn Art

You remember many of the great faces that have appeared on our covers throughout the years, but do you recall the wonderful scenic views? We’re here to remind you of how lovely autumn can be and to ask the burning question, “What the heck happened to summer, anyway?” ... More