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Truman meeting with General Clark and Chief Justice Vinson

The Electoral College Causes Controversy (Again)

The Electoral College system is frequently called into question, particularly when the winner of the Electoral College is not the winner of the popular vote. The Post editors found fault with the system back in 1934, yet not much has changed in the last 84 years.  More

Every Vote Counts

When men and women perform their civic duty, even though the effort required is very slight, something has been added to the sum total of the moral force of the nation.  More
Prison Bars

Jimmy Hoffa: Reflections on Prison

One of the country’s most enduring mysteries lives on as the search for Hoffa’s remains continues. Less than a year before the infamous Teamster leader went missing, he wrote a personal essay for the Post about his frustrations with prison culture and his efforts to reform the inherently flawed system.  More

Playing God with Human DNA

The Post’s early coverage of Watson and Crick’s extraordinary discovery shows that, even then, there were concerns about the dangers of manipulating DNA—the basic building blocks of life.  More
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