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Toward Abolishing Poverty

As we debate how to deal with recession during a time when government is increasingly responsible for alleviating poverty, we find it interesting that Henry Ford argued how business can abolish it.  More

The Real Housewives of America

The true life of a housewife is not all it’s cracked up to be. In today’s insecure job market, women are more likely to retain full-time jobs, but as the number of women in the job market begins to surpass men, will the lot of household duties shift as well?  More

Stumbling Into Socialism

“‘Capitalism is doomed,’ said a recent headline, quoting the Secretary of Agriculture. English, French, German, and American critics have written the same thing before, during, and after every panic or economic crisis that capitalism has experienced in the last two centuries.” States the editorial “Stumbling into Socialism” from the July 20, 1935 issue of The […]  More

Big Three American Automakers

While the Big Three eagerly await the government’s decision on their bailout, and we continue to debate where they went wrong, you might be surprised to learn the U.S. auto industry has faced these issues before. “This week Detroit’s Big Three will unveil their long-talked-about little cars,” says the introduction to The Big Three Join […]  More