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man and woman having a glass of wine at an apartment

The Captain

At a certain point in the dating project, most men flirting with me were other women’s husbands. The Captain, an ex I had dated around my 30s, was no exception.  More
Young woman and a young man having coffee.Source: Shutterstock.com / racorn

The Composer

The Composer has all the qualities I seek–funny, generous, blue eyes, Jewish–except that he’s married to a man.  More
young man drinking his troubles away in a cafe

Mr. Blue

Sarah learns that if there’s one thing you should never do when you’re feeling “blue”–it’s date. If only the man she met on a recent wintry New York evening had known this, too.  More
a couple kissing near the Brooklyn Bridge with the New York skyline in the background

The Intellectual

When a journalist friend said that his tall, Midwestern, funny Jewish buddy was in town and I should meet him, I said yes. I hadn’t kissed this one yet.  More

The Flying Dutchman

We met at a charity event. We exchanged numbers. That’s the way it’s supposed to work–no set-up, no Internet, no middleman. If only we’d spoken the same language.  More
A hoarder's pile of clothes, shoes, and other odds and ends

The Collector

Sarah finds her latest date compelling, but is her attraction enough to overcome his unusual profession?  More
Keyboard with a green key and the word e-mail

Mr. Awesome

Sarah declines a date from a suitor almost twice her age, who in turn for her rejection offers ‘interesting’ life advice in this brief email exchange.  More
various cheeses on a wooden cutting board

The Suburban

Sarah’s latest date is a six-degrees-of-separation blind setup–and disastrously her total opposite.  More
Two whole fish on ice with lime and sage

The Fishman

After a chance meeting at an alumni event, Sarah agrees to have dinner with a fellow Harvard grad. After all, a blind alumni date at least won’t be stupid, right?  More
Heart shaped price tag with dollar signs

The Groucho Pyramid

When Sarah considers joining a few exclusive New York match-making services, she finds that you actually can put a price tag on love.  More
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