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Boy with Hula Hoop

The Hula-Hoop Heart

A tween-age crossing guard faces deceit and a couple of crooked hall monitors in a hard-boiled scuffle for playground justice.  More
Atlantic Rock Crab on a rock

How Voter-Gunknut Became 99.8% Jail

An island community of buck-naked crab-catching “savages” is visited by a king’s emissary determined to imprison them all for the most nefariously innocuous of crimes. A battle of wills, a beach incarceration, and a potluck supper ensue.  More

Joe’s Coffee House

An all-night coffee house, a trunk full of stolen guns, and a briefcase full of cash. But what’s really going on in Jack Bristow’s short story “Joe’s Coffee House”?  More
Wedding Rings on a wooden table

The Forever Choice

One woman, two rings, and Arianne must choose between rich world-traveling engineer Armand or hometown beat reporter Joe. Will she choose love or money?  More


Rich just wanted to buy some flowers for his girl, but in the course of helping him find the right gift, saleswoman Jeredean found her old self instead.  More

The Eyes of Thomas Andrews

John’s scale replica of the RMS Titanic was almost perfect, but the strange messages he receives over the radio may mean that it’s more than just a model.  More
Woman covering ears

Fiction by Dalton Trumbo

Rooting for Bryan Cranston for the Oscar win? Before settling in to watch the 2016 Academy Awards, brush up on fiction by Dalton Trumbo (played by Best Actor nominee Cranston in Trumbo) from our archive: “Darling Bill—” by Dalton Trumbo   April 20, 1935 A love-struck Congressman’s secretary sends an errant press release that leads […]  More
Woman covering ears

“Darling Bill—” by Dalton Trumbo

Editor’s note: “Darling Bill—” was the first in a series of political satire Dalton Trumbo wrote for magazines and film. The epistolary fiction first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post on April 20, 1935. OFFICE OF REPRESENTATIVE GEORGE W. BILCHESTER DARLING BILL: Things have let up a minute, so maybe I’ll get a chance to […]  More
Man giving note to newsboy

“Five C’s for Fever the Five” by Dalton Trumbo

Editor’s note: “Five C’s for Fever the Five” was originally published in The Saturday Evening Post on November 30, 1935. The boys in Mufti Joe’s place had just returned from a fortunate crap game in the Shore hotel down the street. Now they were sitting around the pool hall in various attitudes of relaxation. Fever […]  More
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