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A Better Skin Cancer Treatment

Smaller than the eraser atop a pencil, sandpaper-like spots on your skin have a one in five chance of taking a nasty turn. Now, a new treatment eliminates the risk—and lets you go out in public in just a few days.  More

Melanoma Update

Examining cells under a microscope is the gold standard for diagnosing the most deadly form of skin cancer. But a “good eye” remains key.  More

5 Steps to Healthier Skin

The good news: Too many birthdays do not cause wrinkles or “age” spots. The bad news: Too much sunshine does. Follow these tips from New York City dermatologist and spokesperson for The Skin Cancer Foundation Dr. Deborah Sarnoff to help prevent and even reverse skin damage.  More

Spot On: Skin Exams Save Lives

If caught early, 99 percent of the one million cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year are curable. The American Academy of Dermatology is urging everyone to screen themselves and the people they love for skin cancer, especially the deadliest form, melanoma.  More