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Catching Home Run Ball

Stevan Dohanos

Stevan Dohanos, inspired by Rockwell’s talent, depicted everyday life in the 123 covers he created for the Post. ... More
"Mailman" by Stevan Dohanos. May 13, 1944. © SEPS 2014

Spring Covers: A Perennial Favorite

Our spring-themed covers from artists like John Falter, Stevan Dohanos, and Thornton Utz show the variety of the season–from warm, sunny mornings in the garden to drizzly, soaking rains, and days spent cleaning out the staleness of winter. ... More

Classic Covers: Lighthouses

Why are we so fascinated by lighthouses? Is it because they are so picturesque? Or because, if they could talk, what exciting and harrowing tales of the sea they could tell? Whatever the reason, two Post cover artists loved them as much as the rest of us. ... More

Classic Covers: Stevan Dohanos

Rockwell is revered in Saturday Evening Post cover history, leaving some fabulous Post cover artists standing forgotten in his long, long shadow. For 1950s Americana, Stevan Dohanos was one of the best. ... More
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