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Heart Healthy Products

Eat for Health

Your cholesterol may be creeping up, but research shows that eating foods fortified with plant sterols can help.  More


Bothered by nonstop whooshing or ringing in your ears—or know someone who is? Check out this promising new remedy.  More

Drug Alerts

New research suggests that two popular pills—acid-reducers for chronic heartburn and calcium supplements to protect bones—may carry unexpected risks.  More
Be Careful with Coumadin

Be Careful with Coumadin

Warfarin (Coumadin), a prescription drug used to 
prevent blood clots, saves countless lives. However, many drugs and supplements (even common pain 
medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen) can intensify its anti-clotting effect and put patients at risk of excessive bleeding. When Coumadin therapy is indicated, give your doctor—and your pharmacist—a comprehensive list of your prescription drugs, […]  More
Ancient Chia Grain Makes a Comeback

Ancient Chia Grain Makes a Comeback

I am interested in the hopefully beneficial health effects of Salba. I read about the chia product in the Post some months ago. This supplement sounded wonderful, but only a few health stores carry it, and it is expensive. Bottom line: Is it worth the price? Jerry Florida The tiny seed of the Salvia hispanica […]  More