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Art Gallery: Holiday Glamour

This holiday season, we bring you 30 portraits of women from the pages of the Post, from 1920s beauties to 1950s fashion plates, all wishing you season’s greetings and winter cheer!  More
Marilyn Monroe

Authentic Beauty

Women today are increasingly focusing on feeling comfortable and looking natural, rather than rising to artificial standards established by others.  More

The Real Housewives of America

The true life of a housewife is not all it’s cracked up to be. In today’s insecure job market, women are more likely to retain full-time jobs, but as the number of women in the job market begins to surpass men, will the lot of household duties shift as well?  More
My Weekend Getaway

My Weekend Getaway

Today, I’m thinking about relationships, especially those among women. I spent a recent weekend in a small town about two hours away from the comforts of home. I was among a group of 20 women: 12 total strangers, five acquaintances, and two who may know me better than I know myself. Today, I am grateful. […]  More