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Soldier in camo

The Invention of Camouflage 100 Years Ago

Armies lost the ability to conceal themselves when the airplane appeared above the battlefields of World War I Europe, so soldiers came up with a defense against aerial snooping, and introduced a new word to the English language.  More
Robber wearing domino mask

Blame Game

America’s habit of looking for a villain rather than a solution is a long, if not venerable, tradition.  More

Edith Wharton: War Reporter?

Many would be surprised to find out that the author who was best known for writing about America’s privileged classes not only worked tirelessly to support refugees in Europe but also reported from the front lines of World War I.  More

A Salute to Veterans

Tributes to the military have long been portrayed on covers of The Saturday Evening Post, from situations serious to humorous. In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to share some of our favorites.  More

Spies and Refugees

A WWI war correspondent disgusted by his Big Brother experience at a German hotel, leaves for England and witnesses a Belgian refugee’s desperate attempt to reunite himself with his wife.  More
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