Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety
by George Hughes
September 11, 1948

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Title: Separation Anxiety;
Artist: George Hughes;
Published: September 11, 1948;
© 1948 SEPS. All Rights Reserved;

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  1. After about four hours of using magnifing glasses and differnt light, found this very magazing on a coffee table in Anna May Wongs home, in late 1948. The old black and white photo went to a collector for almost two hundred dolars on ebay. I was sick. Wanted to give it to the Chinese Heritage Society on Berrnard Steet in Chinatown here in Los Angeles. Before it vanished I made a copy and found this magazine . It was so small and upside down. I soon found the “Saturday Evening” was dropped. Then I noticed the white logo in the upper right corner. I hope the Los Angeles library has a copy to look at. Anna Mays copy was well worn. Someday hope to buy this exact copy. Victor B. D’Agostino/Retired Amtrak

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