Top Medical News Stories of the 2000s

The Post's top seven health features from the first decade of the 21st century.

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The Post’s seven health features of the 2000s.

1. “For Dr. Craig Venter, Discovery Can’t Wait!” [PDF]

Sequencing the human genome signals one of the greatest biological accomplishments of our time.

2. “Tobacco: Making a Killing” [PDF]

Anti-tobacco forces wage war against the powerful tobacco lobby and the rising pandemic of cardiovascular and other smoking-related diseases in the world.

3. “An Emergency Room in Your Chest” [PDF]

Dick Cheney is protected by one, as are thousands of other Americans. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators reduce the risk of having sudden cardiac death to almost zero.

4. “The Other Stem Cells” (See the Jan/Feb 2010 issue on newsstands) and “Breakthroughs on the Brink: Turning the Tide on MS”

Adult stem cells may represent the future of regenerative medicine—minus the controversy.

5. “The Post Investigates Cancer Vaccines”

Cancer researchers are working on “personalized” vaccines that prime the body’s immune system to go after a unique biological tag found only on tumor cells.

6. “Women at Risk” [PDF]

Findings on hormone replacement therapy bring clarity to a longstanding debate, but for the millions of women on hormone therapy, questions remain.

7. “A Cutting-Edge Surgery for Prostate Cancer” [PDF]

Robotic procedures are revolutionizing surgery and rapidly becoming the gold standard for minimally invasive surgery.

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