April Fool by Norman Rockwell March 31, 1945

April Fool, 1945
Norman Rockwell
March 31, 1945

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April Fool by Norman Rockwell - March 31, 1945

This one from 1945 shows what one author calls Rockwell’s “magnificent obsession with detail”. One of our favorite goofy details is the little flower in front – the “buttercup”. The stem and leaves support a tiny butter-colored teacup. The list of “errors” adds up to 51 – how many can you spot? There is a detail about the calendar on the tree you’ll never get…but we just threw down a gauntlet, didn’t we?

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  1. recently visited brother in law and looked at a copy of Norman Rockwell book artist and illustratorauthor. I noted on the Saturday Evening Post April Fools , 1945, the word mouse was mispelled, it was spelled moose. Is this on all copies.

  2. If March 31st, 1945 was a Saturday, then April 1st was a Sunday, not a Monday as painted on the Calendar.

  3. The calendar was easy … just Google April 1, 1945 and you will find … it was SUNDAY !

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