They Will Never Be Forgotten

A look at some of our fallen soldiers' beautiful resting places around the world.

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery

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Americans are familiar with Arlington National Cemetery: the final resting place of 300,000 Americans. Here are the graves of veterans from every American war, from the Revolution to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the war dead of America can be found throughout the world. In 1954, the Post described the cemeteries throughout western Europe that serve as the final resting place for the American dead from two world wars.

The impressive cemeteries shown below are managed by The American Battle Monuments Commission. You can find more information about them at You can also read the 1954 article, “They Will Never Be Forgotten” [PDF].

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  1. Years ago, I visited Arlington National Cemetry and was so much impressed . A nation takes a good care of its fallen soldiers will never be fallen, so I believe.
    Long live America, and peace be with so many brave American soldiers!
    From a Korean veteran fought in Vietnam back in 1965-66.


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