World’s Fair or Bust by John E. Sheridan

World's Fair or BustJohn E. Sheridan
April 22, 1939

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As two cars pass, their drivers wave to each other. Both vehicles have the worlds "World's Fair or Bust" written on their chassis.

World’s Fair or BustJohn E. Sheridan
April 22, 1939

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  1. Does anyone know where the original painting of this is and are prints available?

  2. The blonde kid waving the hat is Wesley “Bob” Bessell who modeled for the Sheridan painting. He was a football player on the Port Washington High School Team where Sheridan lived across the street. Bessell went on to obtain the rank of Chief Mate in the US Merchant Marine, serving in the
    Atlantic and Pacific and survived being torpedoed in the Caribbean in 1942.”

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