Limerick Laughs

Who won the July/August 2010 Limerick Contest? You can find her in here, along with a few runners-up.

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The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for this picture.

Limericks must contain five lines. Entries will not be returned. Enter as many times as you wish.

The Sep/Oct 2010 Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue. Entries must be postmarked by October 6, 2010.

Send entries on a postcard to:
Limerick Laughs
The Saturday Evening Post
1100 Wa­ter­­way Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We extend our congratulations and $100 to Mary Ann Pendleton, Waxhaw, North Carolina, for the May/Jun 2010 winning entry.

One day after golf he came home,
Found his wife putting balls all alone.
With her putter lined up,
The ball rolled in the cup,
And all he could do then was groan.

Honorable mentions go to:

As Lou stood there perplexed and in awe,
His cigar fell as he dropped his jaw.
Since Mabel’s putt was on line
He moaned, “It’s better than mine,”
And he wasn’t sure he liked what he saw.

Jan Streilein from Aiken, South Carolina

She said at home she’d be quite content,
So off to play golf with his pals he went.
When he left his spouse
To “putter around the house,”
This is not what he thought she meant!

Jane Grau from Charlottesville, Virginia

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