“Sucker” by Carson McCullers

"Sometimes when a person admires you, you despise him and don't care."

Sometimes when a person admires you, you despise him and don't care.
Illustrated by Elaine Morfogen.

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“Sometimes when a person admires you, you despise him and don’t care.”

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  1. I am glad to see the Saturday Evening Post illustration of Cousins Pete & Richard from “Sucker'” first publication in 1963.

    I also would like to see the artist’s conception from the Read Magazine publication in 1965, which my English class read when I was in the eighth grade.

    As I remember it, Cousin Pete, a 1960s looking teenager, was on the right of the illustration, looking to the left, where Cousin Richard the Sucker was, although I do not remember what Cousin Richard looked like.

  2. You know, this is really cool. Carson McCullers. PG Wodehouse. O Henry. Fitzgerald. Ray Bradbury. But as another commenter pointed out, why doesn’t S.E.P. look for new authors that fit the mold? You have 23 twitter followers (pretty embarrassing) and you ask for “any other famous writers you’d like to read.” So in other words whoever has rights to the S.E.P. name is just reprinting old stuff from the archives and coasting on that. Terrible shame. Would have been nice to see the S.E.P. actually come back again.


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