Marion Harland’s Christmas Message

Marion Harland’s Christmas Message

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Now, Marian Harland, a“Domestic Director”and author of the 1872 best-seller “Common Sense In The Household,”shares her Christmas message, and it’s a touching one: “I believe no more wonderful gift could be bestowed upon the women of America at this Christmas time than the benefits which result from the use of a Duntley Pneumatic Cleaner.”

The benefits? “To the woman doing her own housework it offers the priceless boon of relief from drudgery—of hours saved for happier things. To the woman with servants it offers a means of securing and retaining satisfactory servants.”

The learned lady further expounds: “It has been my lifelong theory, founded upon tragic facts, that dust is a deadly enemy in our homes. With the advent of the Duntley Cleaner dust is banished, with all its attendant evils, and no woman need be without the Duntley another day.”

I would hate for Mrs. Harland to know just how much tragic dust is in my house.

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