Do’s and Don’ts for UGG Boots

Sporting a new pair of UGGs? Follow these tips to keep your feet happy—and healthy, too.

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Stylish UGGs—Australian sheepskin-lined boots—are a popular favorite of men, women, and kids to keep feet warm and dry during the chilly weather. Follow these simple tips from New York podiatrist Dr. Krista Archer, an Associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, to keep feet healthy, too.

1. Consider a supportive insert. UGGs are super-comfortable for many, but a lack of arch support and loose fit can sometimes cause tendonitis and heel pain.

2. Always wear socks. Bare, damp feet are prime targets for fungus and other infections.

3. Treat the outside of the boots with a product that repels stains and water. Follow product instructions carefully.

4. Treat the liner and interior of boots with anti-fungal spray once monthly.

5. Inspect the boot’s liner yearly and replace if badly worn, stained, or dirty.

6. Inspect the boot’s outer soles and heels after the cold weather season. If excessive wear is evident, look for a new pair at winter-clearance sales.

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