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A couple bowling on a date.

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Due to a clerical error, the runners-up for the Mar/Apr 2011 Limerick Laughs contest will not be posted to the website. We apologize to those of you who submitted poems and were hoping to see them in print. In the future, we plan to post the top 10 limericks for each issue. Keep those submissions coming!

The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for this picture.

Limericks must contain five lines. Entries will not be returned. Enter as many times as you wish.

The Mar/Apr 2011 Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the Jul/Aug 2011 issue. Entries must be postmarked by April 4, 2011.

Send entries on a postcard to:
Limerick Laughs
The Saturday Evening Post
1100 Water way Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We extend our congratulations and $100 to Rosemary Eigenberger, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, for the Nov/Dec 2010 winning entry.


With amusement the kids watch this drama,
As the little girl clings to her mama.
But one little guy
Looks ready to cry;
Perhaps he’s reliving the trauma.

Honorable Mentions

Played out in some classrooms each fall,
It’s a scene that’s unsettling for all:
When a toddler must part
From the love of her heart,
At her first teacher’s beck and call.

—Howard Price, Wendell, North Carolina

While her students all watched with delight,
As the new girl put up a good fight,
The well-seasoned teacher
Knew just how to reach her,
So her mom could retreat and take flight.

—Mary Ann Pendleton, Waxhaw, North Carolina

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  1. When I was young we were so poor that my father drew pictures of furniture on the wall. Then the great depression came.

  2. When is the new picture for Limerick Laughs going up on the website (the one with the kid in the raincoat)?

  3. For the bowling alley scene: The guy comments: ‘ I told you to lay off them bean taco’s. Now the torid truth is all over the alley.. p u.’

    ronnie harris

  4. I didn’t like the limerick that won…. It seemed to put all the emphasis on a boy sitting in the classroom and I didn’t like the trauma word…. Not Good at all…

    . The second honorable mention should have been the Winner….
    Hands down…. Oh well….


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