Classic Covers: The Art of Golfing

A reader wanted a reprint of 1925 Post cover “Miserable Golfer”, when led me to a treasure trove of golfing covers.

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Miserable Golfer by Lawrence Toney

Miserable Golfer by Lawrence Tony
Miserable Golfer
Lawrence Toney
August 8, 1925

The look on this poor guy’s face says it all. If it didn’t, the busted golf club would be clue number two. Artist Lawrence Toney’s 1925 cover shows us all that a bad day golfing may not “be better than a good day at work”. The same artist shows us a golfer having a better day in the next cover.

Hole in One by Lawrence Toney

Hole in One by Lawrence Toney
Hole in One
Lawrence Toney
September 11, 1926

Is that a…it can’t be…it is! A hole in one! This 1926 golfer has a witness to the feat and the caddy is just as astonished as the player. Great facial expressions and body language – note the boy’s clenched fist. Artist Toney did a dozen Post covers.

Stinky Putt by J.C. Leyendecker

Stinky Putt by J.C. Leyendecker
Stinky Putt
J.C. Leyendecker
March 13, 1920

J.C. Leyendecker, the artist who painted more Saturday Evening Post covers than any other (322!) shows us a caddy with a different opinion. We take it the shot stinks. One of my favorite golf covers was done by Leyendecker’s protégé, what’s-his-name (below).

Important Business by Norman Rockwell

Important Business by Norman Rockwell
Important Business
Norman Rockwell
September 20, 1919

“Gone on Important Business”, says the note on the door. The inspirational saying above the desk proclaims “Do It Now”, so the gentleman is doing just that. Out of deference to Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell painted one less Post cover.

Eighteenth Hole by John Falter

Eighteenth Hole by John Falter
Eighteenth Hole
John Falter
August 6, 1955

We’re not sure if the man in the yellow sweater is studying the green or smelling it, but apparently the putt was thaaaat close. We are sure this is from 1955 by terrific Post cover artist John Falter.

Woman in Sandtrap by Penrhyn Stanlaws

Woman in Sandtrap by Penrhyn Stanlaws
Woman in Sandtrap
Penrhyn Stanlaws
June 6, 1928

She may be in the dreaded sandtrap, but this is one stylish lady. If you love covers of pretty, fashionable ladies, the artist named Penrhyn Stanlaws did thirty-seven of them between 1913 and 1934. Although this looks like a blazer I might have worn in 1969 or 1970, this lovely cover is from 1928.

Love golf covers? We have dozens! Or if there’s another theme or activity you’d like to see on old Saturday Evening Post covers, let us know!

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  1. Thanks, readers, for your comments. John, if you search for “Maurice Bower” you’ll see some great art on horse racing – what little we have.

    Paul, I don’t recall track and field covers, but I’ll do a search and see.

    Diana Denny

  2. The golf pix were very entertaining and they certainly capture some interesting facets about this extremely complicated game.
    I play a rather ‘unique’ form of golf that I have dubbed, “rapid-fire, aerobic golf,” which amounts to walking, pulling a small two-wheeled cart, and playing eighteen holes (4 and a half miles) within 100 minutes, while meeting the other goal of fewer than 80 strokes per round. At age 75 I am proud to often play or beat my age.
    Want to know more? e.g. When younger than 50 years I could walk, carry the clubs, beat 80 stokes, in less than 90 minutes. (ask our club pro, who has named me “the road runner”)

  3. Curtis Publishing does reprints of Post covers. A great person to contact for this is Janie Mahoney:
    [email protected]. It would be helpful to have the title and date ready, but she could look up any cover you want.

    Diana Denny

  4. This weekend, we found a blanket that has a print of the “Hole In One” cover. In looking for history of the cover, I am delighted to see this article. Is a print of this cover available with the story behind it that I can put with the blanket when I display it? Are any other golf prints available?


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