Cartoons: Heaven

What is heaven really like? Our fabulous Post cartoonists know all about it.

May/Jun 2009

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What is heaven really like? Our fabulous Post cartoonists know all about it.

“Wow! You weren’t kidding. The triple chocolate fudge mocha cheesecake was to die for!”

From Jan/Feb 2000

Well, if you gotta go, this is the way. I found this scrumptious cartoon in a 2000 Saturday Evening Post and wondered how many other “heavenly” cartoons I could find. It seems cartoonists spend an ungodly (sorry) amount of time thinking about heaven.

“Sorry, you’ll have to go back—they’re resuscitating you down there.”

From Sept/Oct 2002

The very words you want to hear at the pearly gates. The next one has St. Peter saying what you don’t want to hear.

“Sorry. Looks like the guy who stole your identity got here before you did.”

From May/June 2009

I’ve heard identity theft can be a real hassle, but I never thought of this problem! Something else to worry about.

“Can I text just one last message?”

From Mar/Apr 2009

Okay, you just know St. Peter is hearing this all the time these days and is getting pretty sick of it.

“Sorry, but we’ve never gotten enough golfers here to make it worthwhile to put in a golf course.”

From Mar/Apr 2009

Ouch! No point in taking your golf clubs with you. This is by Ray Delgado, a cartoonist spotlighted in our last “Meet the Cartoonist” feature here on the website.

“I saw that!”

From May/Jun 2009

Cartoonist Roy Stark shows us just why heaven doesn’t put in a golf course.

“Oh, no! Not heavenly ham again…”

From May/Jun 2009

The good news is—there is food in heaven. The bad news—no matter how much you love ham and angel food cake, they get old after awhile.

Keep tuned in for our next “Meet the Cartoonist” post. And let us know if there are other cartoon subjects you’d like to see featured such as dogs, marriage, kids, and so forth.

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  1. We had waited 15 minutesoutdoors in the “stacks of lumber, doors and windows of a home fix it” store for someone to help us load two newly purchased doors. I was getting annoyed at the wait after such an expensive purchase. I yelled “Naked woman in aisle 15!” Four men came running:).

  2. Why is there be a greater number of highly-skilled golfers in both heaven and hell?
    Lousy golfers get more exercise.


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