Cartoons: Legal Laughter

Think wills, courtrooms, and lawyers aren’t funny? Saturday Evening Post cartoonists beg to differ!

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Classic cartoons about lawyers, judges, and courtrooms from The Saturday Evening Post.

"Counsel, this isn't exactly what the court's definition of a 'sidebar' is." From May/Jun 1997 "Are you sure you know what an executor does?" From July/Aug 2009
" ... and to Roger, whom I promised to mention in my will -'Hi there, Roger!'"; from Jan/Feb 2000
"Mrs. Plagendof, didn't I leave specific instructions that I am not to be disturbed while court is in recess?" From Jul/Aug 2000 "And. like a fool, I said, ’So sue me.’ " From May/Jun 2011 "We the jury find the defendant guilty and sentence him to life on jury duty." From Aug 1987

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  1. These are good ones, i am a young kid and i get a kick out of these.I wish now of these days we get cartoons like these instead of our new ones.

  2. This is the greatest. My son is a lawyer and so is my daughter-in-law and nephew. They will definitely get a kick out of these.


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