Cartoons: Oldies But Goodies

Were cartoons from the 1950s and ’60s as funny as today’s? How about from World War II? We trolled old issues of the Post for these examples.

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"When's the best time to catch him in a good humor?" From July 09, 1949

It was a treat to discover this first cartoon because it’s by Mort Walker from 1949. Walker later became famous, of course, for the Beetle Bailey comic strip. Hmmm, younger guy getting roughed up by authority figure—might there be a pattern here?

"This is Professor Schmertz, authority on structural engineering. He wants to ask you something!" From July 16, 1949 "This is his den or her sewing room, depending on which one you're talking to." From June 22, 1957 "Does Ike take Mamie?" From September 8, 1954 "Frankly I think these family reunions are getting too unwieldy!" From January 6, 1962 "This is Corporal McClane, mother! He's snatching a last moment of happiness." From August 8, 1942

"Wait, let's watch this! It ought to be pretty good." From August 29, 1942

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  1. I just love all the cartoons no matter which subject. It really tells the truth. praises!

  2. These are great oldies. They do not have any good and clean cartoon like this today. I like the one of the 2 militrary men up on latters waiting on a lady.

  3. These are timeless classics that bring back memories. Remember going through my grandmothers back issues of the “Post” and just looking for the cartoons. Every time I emerged with sides sore from laughting

  4. Loved them. Except for the Ike and World War II ones, they really are timeless. I loved the Ike one, but you would have to remember that Ike was President Eisenhower and he loved to golf, somethingg many younger readers today may not know. I get the Live it Again books, where they reprint Post cartoons and pictures from past years. I don’t remember the World War !! ones, I hope they reprint the Ike one. Fun to see Mort Walker in the Post too.


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