Limerick Laughs Contest Winner and Runners-Up for Jul/Aug 2011

Congratulations to Karen Davis our July/Aug 2011 Limerick Laughs Contest Winner!

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The staff of the Post is pleased to announce the winner of the Jul/Aug Limerick Laughs Contest, Karen Davis of Camden, Arkansas! For her poem describing the picture to the left, Karen wins a cash prize—and our gratitude for a job well done. If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our Nov/Dec issue, you can submit your limerick via the entry form here. Now, without further ado, here is Karen’s masterpiece:

While Big Mike was getting a tan

His son got the watering can.

He tipped it and poured it.

Dad snuffled and snorted.

Mom laughed while the little boy ran.

Of course, Karen’s limerick wasn’t the only one we liked! Here are some of our favorite runners-up, in no particular order:

I’m sure that mom carefully chooses

The playthings her little son uses.

But here there’s no doubt

Dad soon will find out

That he who snoozes, loses.

—Eleanor Stratton, Dubln, Ohio

In Mom’s garden the weeds will be gone,

But she said I could water the lawn.

I’ll just give Dad a spray

’Cause it’s hot anyway,

But he may soon utter more than a yawn!

—Virginia R. Wilson, Port Orange, Florida

He had planned a long bask in the sun,

But his boy thought he’d rather have fun.

Though his dad was asleep,

That cold splash made him leap,

And his nap in the sun was all done.

—Mary C. Ryan, Bradford, Pennsylvania

It is clear that the man who lies sunning

Has a son who is bored but quite cunning.

With his face-soaking deed

(And himself in the lead)

He is bound to get Dad up and running!

—Belva D. Sheaf, Pittsford, New York

The family summer vacation

Was spent in backyard recreation.

While Mom planted flowers

Dear Junior sprayed showers

And Dad woke with a “What in tarnation…?!”

—Roberta Nottingham, Greenville, South Carolina

It was such a very small chore

That turned out to be a big bore.

So instead of the flowers

He directed the showers

To where there was more fun in store.

—Edward R. Harvey, The Villages, Florida

When Mom plants and waters her flowers

It seems to have magical powers.

So I’ll try it on Dad,

And I know he’ll be glad,

After all, he’s been sleeping for hours.

—Dorothy Braisted, Staten Island, New York

Dad’s chores for the day were all done.

He chose a short snooze in the sun.

While Mom potted flowers

With no thoughts of showers

Dad’s snooze was rained out by his son!

—Burton Longenbach, Hingham, Massachusetts

From the look on kid’s face I surmise

Dad’s in for a real big surprise.

When hot under the collar

He’s liable to holler

Some words his son won’t recognize.

—Joan Verdeal, Adrvada, Colorado

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  1. Hi, Beverly! Sorry you weren’t a big fan of the winning limerick from Jul/Aug. We received many excellent entries describing that particular picture, so we had a tough time choosing the best one. Please do keep submitting your poems, though. Who knows—maybe you’ll be the winner next time!

  2. Regarding the winning limerick in the JulyAug issue:

    Ok, Ok, so I didn’t win! But isn’t the limerick supposed to depict the drawing?
    Mom laughed????
    The little boy ran????

    Frankly, most of the runners-up were better. Fun anyway.

  3. I’m disappointed that you didn’t print my poem. Naturally, I think it was as good
    as all of these. Oh well.


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