Cartoons: Airline Travel

Sadly, the airlines are in big trouble these days. That doesn’t keep us from making fun of them, of course.


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Lost luggage, lack of amenities, invasive screenings, and delays long enough to set up camp in a strange airport. Are we having fun yet?

 “That's mistletoe. We like to give every passenger a chance to kiss their luggage good-bye.” - from November/December 2010

Finally, a year-round use for mistletoe.

 “Arrivals, Departures, Bankruptcies” from November/December 2006

Always check the monitors to stay informed. Good to know if there’s a chance in Hades you’ll get home.

 “We’d like to go to the same place you sent our luggage.” from September/October 2006

A perfectly reasonable request, but the next question is even more reasonable:

“Never mind my luggage—what the devil have you done with my wife?” from December 82

We hate when this happens.

”You're good to go, sir, but I would recommend keeping an eye on that cholesterol of yours. from “January/February 2008

At least she isn’t telling him about his enlarged prostate.

 “This is the last time I fly discount” from November/December 2000

You’ll be okay as long as you brought your own TP.

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