50 Years Ago: Dick Sargent

This Dick Sargent illustration ran on the cover of the Post exactly 50 years ago.

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Clutter by Dick Sargent

Artist Richard “Dick” Sargent created 47 Post covers in the ’50s and early ’60s. As shown in this March 31, 1962, cover illustration, Sargent’s framing technique turns humorous snippets of everyday life—warts and all—into a compelling story. Will the harried husband ever find his pants and escape the cluttered closet?

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  1. There is an artist, David Sergent Harris who is passing himself off as the Saturday Evening Post artist, Sergent. He has a home under the name of a family member of his wife in Lebanon Indiana. There was an article about him in the Boone County Sun from Tuesday, April 1, 2008. Volume 1, Issue 13. It says nothing about his ties to The Saturday Evening Post, but he is very adamant that he is the artist who worked with Norman Rockwell. He may be an artist but he is lying about the Saturday Evening Post art work. He and his wife are thought to be travelling in the state of Florida at the present.

  2. I’m loving this. I could sit here for hours and look at these. I love the covers as much as I love reading the stories. Thanks for the memories


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