Remembering Andy Williams: The 1962 Post Interview

"All I want out of life is to be comfortable," Andy Williams told the Post in this 1962 article.

Andy Williams, 1962

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Backstage with Andy Williams by Pete Martin
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“I guess I’ve never really been aggressive,” Andy Williams told Post interviewer Pete Martin in 1962, “although almost everybody else in show business fights and gouges and knees to get where they want to be.”

Martin spoke with Williams just as his career was beginning to take off.

In fact, this article, “Backstage with Andy Williams,” appeared the same week his own TV show premiered. It ran for nine years. And Williams continued singing into the next century, enjoying a long career like his fellow crooner, Perry Como.

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  1. Its letters crumbling – who would save
    The Hollywood sign – ’twas a shame.
    Letter by letter, celebs gave.
    Andy Williams, singer of fame
    Picked the letter that he would boost,
    To stand up proud and tall once more,
    Upon the mount side, freshly spruced,
    For the tinseltown to adore.
    All nine letters did get redone,
    And guess which one Andy did choose.
    Of all the others, it’s the one
    From which sounds of sweet music ooze.

    “Moon River” is heard flowing through
    The Hollywood sign “W”.


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