Cartoons: Cooking

Some people enjoy the challenge of a new recipe. Others can’t boil water without burning it. We’re cooking up more fun cartoons from the pages of the Post. Bon appetit!

Cooking Cartoons

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Great cartoons spanning 40 years to give you food for thought—and a laugh, of course.

"I want my mother!"  from May 1959

"Now tell me you had this for lunch."  May/Jun 1995 "Mom said for you to wash up for dinner…and then to cook it."  Mar/Apr 1997 "That's the last time I try cooking something from scratch." Sep/Oct 1997 "Red or white wine with Presbyterian?" Fall 1972 "My husband ate my homework." Sept/Oct 1999

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  1. Loved the cartoon with the wife calling for her mother. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the same feeling and cried out, “Mommy!”


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