Tracing Family Roots

See how one man documented his family's stories, and jumpstart your own genealogy journey with these informative videos.


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Take an inside look to see how one man documented his family’s stories to pass down to future generations, and jumpstart your own genealogy journey with these informative videos.

Family History
Treasuring Memories

Treasuring Memories

If there’s an ideal time to bring a family tree to life, it’s during the holiday season.

Brawner-Malone History

Scott Tims’ Family History

In the Nov/Dec 2012 story “Treasuring Memories,” Scott Tims of Dallas, Texas, describes how he’s been impacted by the stories told around the holiday table. He began compiling his family’s history 35 years ago and shares their memories in these short videos.

Genealogy and Family History

The Joy of Genealogy and Family History

There are many reasons people trace their lineage and family history. These personal narratives show how discovering family history can fill in holes in understanding who you are.

Genealogy for Beginners

Genealogy for Beginners

Follow these steps to start preserving your family’s history. Learn how to document and share the lives and stories of your ancestors, whether as a written history, scrapbook, DVD, or website.

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