Cartoons: Hubby High Jinks

Husbands—you never know what they’ll say or do next. You can just be pretty sure it will bug you.


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Cartoonists have long enjoyed showing the wacky side of the male animal.

 "He promised me faithfully that this time he wouldn’t get a tiny little sports car." Canoe Ride Cartoon "No, you're not interrupting anything. I was just doing some…ah…iron man training." Jul/Aug 1999 "There are times when I wish I didn’t have such a beautiful figure." Nov/Dec 97  "Look, why don’t you find a good book?" December 57 "You’ve filled in this application all right except for one thing, Mr. Perkins—where it asks the relationship of Mrs. Perkins to yourself, you should have put down 'wife,' not 'strained.'"  Dec 51

"My wife would like to borrow a cup of ... a cup of ... a cup of ..." November 1951

"Flour!" November 1951

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