Cartoons: Newspapers

It will be a sad thing if newspapers disappear for good. Moreover, what would cartoonists do without them?

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Sure, you like your e-reader or tablet now. But can you use it to line a birdcage? Can you rustle it irritatingly when your spouse annoys you? We think not.

"If newspapers disappear, how will I ignore you in the morning?" Mar/Apr 2010

 “Sorry, dear, I thought you’d finished reading the paper.” from Mar/Apr 95 "…and you needn’t be giving your paper those sarcastic twitches!" Nov 25, 1950 "Gerald, how would I describe you if I ever had to report you to the missing persons bureau?" Mar/Apr 95 Apr 91 "That's not what Dr. Jefferies meant by'30 minutes on the treadmill’!” Jan/Feb 1996

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  1. The one with the man clutching the bird and trying to read the paper really broke me up. Great expression on his face!


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