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Today Shirley MacLaine shares the deets on faith, love, giving up yoga, and her new role in the hit Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey. The quick-witted star also shared her perspective with the Post in these 1960s articles.

Shirley MacLaine

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In “Shirley MacLaine” (Jan/Feb 2013), Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine talks candidly with writer Jeanne Wolf about her new role in the Emmy-winning Masterpiece series Downton Abbey, her views on relationships and religion, and why she’s given up yoga.

This isn’t the first time MacLaine has shared her perspective with Post readers. Below are some articles from the Post archives featuring the quick-witted star in the 1960s.

"I Call on Shirley MacLaine" (April 22, 1961) by Pete Martin
April 22, 1961

I Call on Shirley MacLaine

In this 1963 article from the Post archives, Pete Martin sat down with MacLaine, who, between numerous mid-interview hot-fudge sundaes, dished on her big break, her unconventional sex appeal, and her involvement in the famed “Rat Pack.”

"Shirley MacLaine Sounds Off" (November 30, 1963) by Muriel Davidson
November 30, 1963

Shirley MacLaine Sounds Off

MacLaine has never been afraid to speak her mind, and in this 1961 article from the archives, she gave readers her opinion on everything from marriage to politics to 1960s Hollywood.

"Body by MacLaine" (November 30, 1963) by C. Robert Jennings
November 30, 1963

Body by MacLaine

In 1963, the Post interviewed Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head, who dressed some of the most famous stars in Hollywood, including MacLaine. In this article from our archives, photos feature the actress in eight of the 73 costumes Head created for MacLaine’s starring role in What a Way to Go!

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