Cartoons: Sleepyheads

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t wake up?

Tired Cartoon

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Cartoon of a sleepy dad with water for son.

“Hey! Over here!”
April 1953


Cartoon of a dad thinking he's reading the paper. May 24, 1952

“Just slip it to him quietly, he thinks he’s reading it now.”
May 1952


Cartoon of a Guy asking for a half cup of coffee till he wakes up. December 19, 1959

“Just half a cup. I can’t lift a full one yet.”
December 1959


Cartoon of a wife pushing coffee across floor with broom to husband. November 21, 1959

November 1959


Cartoon of a man at bus stop wearing bacon as a tie. December 26, 1959

“Isn’t that a strip of bacon you’re wearing?”
December 1959


Cartoon, still waiting at train station.

“You still here? The 7:10 went a half hour ago.”
November 1957


cartoon, man sleeping at desk. October 17, 1959

“… just soft-boiled eggs, dear.”
October 1959


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