Cartoons: Life’s Little Surprises

If life has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected!

A angry housewife clobbers her husband in the head with an umbrella in anger after he bid $50,000 dollars on a small framed picture.

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“The expected always happens,” said Benjamin Disraeli. Perhaps he wasn’t acquainted with these cartoons!

 “Boy, it’s cold outside! Feel my hands!” March 17, 1951 “She doesn’t suspect a thing! She thinks I forgot her birthday!” 1948  “Then she said, ‘Oh, well—one more li’l banana split can’t hurt any.’” November/December 1994 “Sold! ... For $50,000 to the gentleman with the umbrella over his head.” September/October 1994  “Uh-oh! It’s Roy Kroger, the guy I dumped for you.”  January/February 2002

“Oh, Jimmy knows all about the party. It’s his mom who’s getting the surprise.” January/February 1997

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  1. I’ve been reading the Post since 1938 or ’39. When I became an adult and able to do so, I subscribed — mainly for the cartoons and also the fiction. My subscription is still current and will be read by my heirs until the final subscription expires following my own.


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