Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: The Beatles’ Most Memorable Non-Musical Movie Moments

Bill Newcott reviews Yesterday, remembers the Beatles’ most memorable non-musical movie moments, and chats with Tracy Edwards about her thrilling new documentary, Maiden.

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Bill Newcott reviews Yesterday, the new Beatles musical fantasy directed by Danny Boyle. He also remembers the Beatles’ most memorable non-musical movie moments. He also chats with sailing legend Tracy Edwards about the thrilling new documentary that chronicles her ceiling-shattering 1989 round-the-world yacht race, Maiden.

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Featured image: John Lennon in How I Won the War (MGM Home Entertainment)

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  1. The interview with Tracy Edwards here is an interesting look at her personal accomplishments in the world of sailing, then and now. It’s too bad men have elbowed women out of the sport 30 years later, and in such a ridiculous manner at that. Obviously they’re afraid of female competition. ‘Maiden’ looks like a good film to see at some point.

    ‘Yesterday’ not so much. It’s more than ‘a little clunky’. It’s just the latest in a long train running of films that have come out in pretty short order lately, trying to capitalize on the music and musicians of the last century. The two Mama Mia films, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rocket Man’ from only last month. The last having apparently tanked pretty badly after the first week.

    A Bollywood/Rip Van Winkle spin/romantic comedy-ish tale of a fish out of water. This time the capitalizing ‘excuse’ (gimmick) is to use many of the old Beatles songs as both the background and focal point of the film. I don’t mean to sound like Kevin on ‘Shark Tank’ here, but c’mon Bill. We both know I speaketh the truth today on ‘Yesterday’.

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