Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: December 1962

December 1962 was defined by tax cuts, the Kennedys, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Find out what else Americans were thinking about at the end of ’62.

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  1. Another well done video that’s particularly interesting in women’s attitudes toward themselves (and men) 57 years ago according to the Post’s special report. I was surprised at some of the comments such as ‘the man should be number one’, ‘being subordinate to men is a part of being feminine’ and ‘women asking for equality with men are fighting nature.’ Obviously back then, a woman would have been frowned upon if she had aspirations other than being a wife and mother, denying her the chances to reach/realize her full potential as a woman and a person outside of those confines.

    Men being perceived as ‘money making machines’, ‘fire extinguishers’ and ‘life insurance policies’ wasn’t good either, with both the American woman and man needing attitude and option makeovers. This would happen in later sections of the ’60s and ’70s due to societal and economic upheaval that would change things for the better and worse.

    The video also shows an attitude of contentment two months after the world was nearly annihilated with the Cuban Missile Crisis. I’m glad I was only 5 1/2 then (in kindergarten) too young to know what was going on. It also showed that $5.5k average man’s earnings (apparently) was a lot of money because it still had real value.

    1962 was also an interesting transitional year for the covers of the Post. Mainly still the traditional, they also had a good number that used photography (more hard news-like) that would take over almost completely in 1963-’68.

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