July/August 2018


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Our July/August 2018 issue brings you stories of the power of touch, the new nomads, and touching stories of second chances, plus fiction, health news, gems from our archive, and more.


The Power of Touch
By Victoria Sweet
Medicine is not just a craft and a science — it’s also an art

The New Nomads
By Jessica Bruder
They’re leaving debt behind and reclaiming freedom by living on the road

Glorious Fourth!
Gallery from the archive
A celebration of pictures

I Marched through Georgia
From the archive
By Robert Hale Strong
A Union soldier’s unvarnished account of Sherman’s famous “March to the Sea”

Bird Man
By MacDuff Everton
How would a rescued red-tailed hawk get along with his small, pet parrot?

By Richard Newton
First thing you’re supposed to do if an elephant appears without warning is stay still