March/April 2018


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By Gigi Ragland
Each spring, more than 500,000 sandhill cranes converge on Nebraska’s Platte River

Found Family
By Diana Selkirk
How a genealogical search revealed a dark family secret

Big Fins and More!
Gallery from the Archive
A sampling of sumptuous mid-century automobile ads

The Healing Power of Baseball in Japan
By Todd Pitock
America’s national pastime is the most popular sport in Japan, but it’s also much more

Putting the Mouth Back in the Body
By Mary Otto
Bad science and greed made rivals of doctors and dentists. Now millions suffer as a result


By Gary Svee
He didn’t know the day was special — he just knew it was hot


From the Editor: Family secrets

Letters: Cheers and jeers

The Argument: How hucksters like P.T. Barnum make suckers of us all

American Pop: Tattoos

Lighter Side: Signs of spring in a small town

My Word: Embracing life after a cancer diagnosis

Post-Its: Scenic (and easy!) bike routes; 3 questions for Kenneth Branagh; top 10 reads; movie reviews; and more

Your Health: The buzz about mosquitoes; migraine myths; truth about hydration; more

Healthy Eating: Curtis Stone’s favorite shrimp recipes

Inspiration: Helping at-risk teens visualize a better life

Backstory: How the Kellogg brothers changed breakfast

The Vault: Gems from our archive — 1968 Ed Sullivan profile; Martin Luther King Jr., on the pace of black-white relations; and more