Cover Collection: Trophy Life

Silver goblet or fluttering blue ribbon, winning a trophy feels great, whether it’s for tennis, golf, or horseback handiwork. 


Woman and Trophy 
Pearl L. Hill 
September 1, 1923 


This lovely woman from the flapper era has won a silver goblet, but for what? Golf? Tennis? A cunning jacket?  


Golf Trophy 
George Brehm 
June 6, 1925 


Artist George Brehm perfectly captures the absolute satisfaction of a golf game played well. It’s even sweeter if a trophy (or better yet, money) is in the mix. 


Blue Ribbon Winner 
W.H. Coffin 
March 19, 1927 


Horse and rider share a subtle hauteur that comes with winning that blue ribbon. (Actually, horses look like that all the time.) 


Tennis Champs 
Alan Foster 
August 22, 1931 


Artist Alan Foster was fond of illustrating moments in sports, whether hockey, baseball, or tennis. Many of his covers had a humorous twist, but he painted this winning women with the significance the moment deserved.   


Big Trophy, Little Girl 
Mariam Troop 
November 9, 1940 


The winner looks like she’s more interested in riding horses than hoisting trophies, but discomfort be damned: the MC is going to finish his speech! 


Grandma Catches Fly Ball  
Richard Sargent 
April 23, 1960 

Not all trophies are shiny goblets, and not all victories are on the field. Here’s to ol’ ladies at the ol’ ballgame!