Classic Covers: Remembering World War I

We honor the passing of the last World War I veteran with these Post covers from the period.

Cavalry Crossing River by Henry Soulen

Calvary Crossing River by Henry Soulen
Cavalry Crossing River
Henry Soulen
June 9, 1917

Warfare was at a curious crossroads during this First War to End All Wars. There were modern new biplanes and old Cavalry troops. This is one of those covers that doesn’t gloss over the gritty aspects of war. This was by artist Henry Soulen, who later became known for art with an oriental flare, including several Post covers.

Soldiers in Battle by Julian De Miskey

Soldiers in Battle by Julien De Miskey
Soldiers in Battle
Julien De Miskey
May 11, 1918

Again, no Rockwellian depiction of a soldier resembling the clean-cut boy-next-door. This is from the brutal heart of battle, and is the only cover I found by artist Julian De Miiskey. This is from May 1918.

Littlest Soldier by J.C. Leyendecker

Littlest Soldier by JC Leyendecker
Littlest Soldier
JC Leyendecker
September 30, 1916

Leyendecker, our most prolific cover artist, shows a lighter side here, with the “man” off to war and the “woman and child” anxiously waiting at home. This is from 1916, and no doubt many little boys were playing “war”.

WWI Dogfight by Henry Soulen

WWI Dogfight by Henry Soulen
WWI Dogfight
Henry Soulen
July 21, 1917

It had only been a few years since the Wright Brothers pioneered flight. Planes were rudimentary, but present in the First World War. An enemy plane goes down in flames in this depiction of a 1917 dogfight.

Soldier Writes Mother a Letter by Frank X. Leyendecker

Soldier Writes Mother a Letter by Frank X. Leyendecker
Solder Writes Mother a Letter
Frank X. Leyendecker

J.C. Leyendecker did many covers of soldiers, including one by a campfire writing a letter home. This one from 1918 is by his brother Frank X. Leyendecker. It is a sweet moment by candlelight, with a vision of Mother in the background. One can only imagine the homesickness.

French Soldier’s Grave by J.C. Leyendecker

French Soldier's Grave by JC Leyendecker
French Soldier's Grave
JC Leyendecker
June 1, 1918

This is a French soldier’s grave as depicted by J.C. Leyendecker in 1918. In respectful remembrance of our fallen soldiers, free from “religious” whackos who would belittle their ultimate sacrifice, this is how a fallen hero should be honored.