Calories Count When Keeping Cool

Summer BeverageStay hydrated as summer temperatures soar, but be aware that calories can pile up in a hurry when you drink to cool down.

“Beverages can be an important source of energy, and those calories can add up quickly when the warm weather prompts people to drink more often,” says Richard D. Mattes, M.P.H., Ph.D., R.D., honored as a distinguished professor of nutrition science by Purdue University in 2011.

Fortunately, many affordable and palatable no-calorie and low-calorie beverage options are available to meet the need. The Beverage Guidance Panel, which ranks drinks based on their health benefits and costs, recommends water as your main beverage, followed by unsweetened coffee and tea. Soft drinks, fruit juices, whole milk and sports drinks are least advised.


Energy from beverages doesn’t produce as strong a satiety response—feeling full—as solid foods. Consequently, people may consume a large amount of energy before realizing they have done so.

“Because this source of energy has weak effects of appetite and is often consumed at non-meal times, beverages propose a unique challenge to weight management,” 
Mattes concludes.